Get ready to be really pissed off, Cienna. A Texas district judge was nearly prevented from voting yesterday because her drivers license listed her maiden name as her middle name while her voter registration listed her real middle name, thus flagging her for potential voter fraud under Texas's highly restrictive new Voter ID law. Judge Sandra Watts had been voting without problem for 49 years before the new Voter ID law kicked in. But, you know, better to be safe than sorry.

Click above for our full endorsements and enlargeable Cheat Sheet, and VOTE, damn it!
  • Click above for our full endorsements and enlargeable Cheat Sheet, and VOTE, damn it!

Bad news for local Boeing workers. Both production and profits are up at Boeing, which will no doubt force the aerospace giant to move even more union jobs out of Washington State, or something.

No doubt that jobs-killing Sodo arena is to blame. Terminal operators are seeking to renegotiate their contracts with the Port of Seattle due to a five-year decline in shipping business.

Engineering the truth. Even the Seattle Times agrees that the well-financed No on I-522 campaign are a bunch of lying liars.

Paying for their (alleged) lies. Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson says he will still seek financial penalties and legal fees from the Grocery Manufacturers Association as punishment for concealing the names of its contributors to the No on I-522 campaign.

A shining sliding city on a hill. A new study finds that 8,000 Seattle buildings would be at risk from landslides should a big earthquake hit while the ground is soggy (i.e. September through June).

Obviously, we're taxed too high to afford to eat. King County is the second least obese county in the state; only San Juan County is leaner. The highest obesity rate? Cowlitz County.

William Koch is a dick. Lesser known Koch brother William is spending millions to fight a proposed wind farm off-shore from his Nantucket estate.

Because economics. A National Association of Business Economics survey has found little evidence of businesses moving full time jobs to part time work in response to the implementation of Obamacare. So there.

The party of responsible gun ownership. Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC) had an AR-15 rifle stolen from her family's unlocked garage. The rifle had reportedly been left leaning against the gun locker.

Guess this puts that stolen AR-15 thing in perspective. Four Air Force officers who had been entrusted with nuclear missile launch keys have been punished for leaving open blast doors that are intended to keep terrorists and other intruders out while they are sleeping.

You're so vain. Yesterday it was transplanted foreskins, today it is cloning. Personally, I don't see what's so bad about just allowing myself to go bald.