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For Sale: A 150-Million-Year-Old Sauropod Skeleton
...A 19-foot tall sauropod specimen (goes by the name of "Misty"), currently housed at London's Natural History Museum, will be up for auction next month, and is expected to fetch close to a million dollars.

In other, more important dinosaur news, a juvenile parasaurolophus skeleton was discovered in 2009 by then-high school student Kevin Terres. After years of studying the remains scientists published their findings on Tuesday, October 22, 2013. Among the many exciting things about this specimen (nicknamed "Joe") is it reveals that the baby probably made adorable tweeting noises:

An adult parasaurolophus.
  • An adult parasaurolophus.
What makes the duck-billed dino unique is its elongated cranial crest, an unusual back-facing trunk that scientists believe amplified its sounds in a way not dissimilar from a musical instrument. Joe was believed to be less than a year old and had already developed a low bump on his head, shocking scientists who had studied other duck-billed dinosaurs (hadrosaurids). Close relatives to the parasaurolophus develop their less-conspicuous headgear later in life.

"It really helps explain how parasaurolophus got its crest," Farke said. "It did that by starting to grow it much earlier."

Scans of Joe’s cranial crest also show that he and his peers (just 6 feet long) likely had high-pitched "tweets," as opposed to the deeper "woofs" of his elders (who grew up to 25 feet long).

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