The Most Radical Driving School in Seattle


"Free right on a red, yes. And free left on a red for anarcho-syndicalists."
I raise you this driving school in my neighbourhood.
Ooo, where can I buy one of those upside-down American flags?
GTA V is my anarchist driving instructor.
I wasn't aware that the upside-down flag was specifically an anarchist thing. There are plenty of "Constitutionalists", Right-Wingnuts, Militia and Survivalist types that think the US is in a 'state of emergency', and fly the flag upside down. It would be worth actually talking to them to ascertain their politics. (Or atrocious flag-hanging skills.)

The only question I have about this driving school is: Are they teaching defensive driving, or offensive driving techniques?
It means the driving school is in distress. For god's sake send help!

I flew the gay pride flag upside down in a parade once. Nobody seemed to notice, but maybe some homophobes were cheering for my radical anti-equality message.
For a brief time in the early 2000s, I worked for a family from all around the world (the parents were from Iraq and India, and their daughter was born in Kenya). One day, the wife came to me with a flag decal she wanted to put in the window, possibly to answer any questions racist assholes might have about their loyalty. Despite having lived in the US for a while, she had to ask me which way the American flag goes.
My daughter went to this driving school; the instructor is not any kind of anarchist-- he's a reactionary, Tea Party advocate. He makes teenagers listen to his right-wing nonsense in order to pass their driver's ed class.
A teabagger driving instructor? Teabaggers are the same guys who think automated speed and red light cameras are a "tax" on regular drivers. Because "regular" driving necessitates running red lights and speeding. If you build a machine that systematically tickets every last motherfucker exceeding the speed limit or running red lights, then your freedom to habitually break the law is destroyed.

A cool expose would be to send an undercover reporter to get driving lessons from this fuck, teaching everybody to drive like a sociopath.
Other people have said this, but it's almost certainly someone who's an extreme right-winger. A lot of those guys (and gals, I guess) claim the U.S. is in distress, so they fly the flag up side down.
Charles Mudede is smart enough to know the difference between a left-wing radical and a right-wing radical, and smart enough to call both of them "radicals."

And Charles Mudede, for all his praise of radicalism, will not be sending his own children to a driving school taught by radicals, be they left or right.
@11, he also won't be moving his family into one of the micro-housing options in Seattle. Those are just for everyone else; not him.

Oh dear what a driving school!