Remember how the chairman of Barilla pasta said he prefers "traditional" families and that gay people should "eat another brand of pasta?" ThinkProgress's Zach Ford says the company is trying to make amends:

Among the changes is the creation of a Diversity & Inclusion Board that will include external experts and advocates who help Barilla improve the company’s culture with regard to “sexual orientation, gender balance, disability rights, and multicultural and intergenerational issues.” Among those who have joined that board is veteran LGBT activist David Mixner, who said he was impressed by the chairman’s willingness “to listen and learn from LGBT community leaders.”

This is a friendly reminder that sometimes, no matter what the depressing concern trolls in the comments say, boycotts do work. I don't think this news alone should be reason enough to end the Barilla boycott, but it is at least a sign that they're listening to criticism, and that they're motivated to try to do something about it. Stay tuned. And in the meantime, remember that there are other perfectly good pastas out there that aren't homophobic: