SILENT-READING PARTY Happens in this room.
  • SILENT-READING PARTY Happens in this room.

ALICE GOSTI This is the kind of stuff she does.
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  • ALICE GOSTI This is the kind of stuff she does.

Oh man it's dark out there. Full-on silent-reading vibes in the air. Who doesn't want to sit next to a fireplace in a big chair and read? In case you're new to the silent-reading party, that's all that happens: People sit and read whatever they feel like reading, to themselves, while waiters wait on everyone and a man plays a harp. It's free. It happens the first Wednesday of the month at the Sorrento. And there are always two special guests who don't do anything: They just sit there and read like everyone else.

This week, the special guests will be Alice Gosti and Kate Sumpter. Gosti is a choreographer and durational performance artist; Sumpter acts with Satori Group. If you were at Spookhaus over the weekend, Gosti was the woman staring with dead eyes and a bloody mouth at a bunch of TVs, and Sumpter was the one losing her shit on a mattress covered in bed bugs. (Wasn't that great?) Earlier this summer, Gosti curated the Yellow Fish durational performance festival at Hedreen Gallery, which is where those self-mummification photos above come from. And both of them have upcoming projects that I will ask them about in Q&As that will appear here on Slog on Wednesday.

Anyway, mark your calendar, and get there right at 6 pm if you want to get a good seat. This month's drink special will be announced Wednesday, too.