Originally posted Saturday afternoon. Moved up because WE BIG MEANZIES.

This just popped into my inbox...

It's coming down to the wire. This race is extremely tight and we need to make sure every vote is counted. Here's what you can do to help:

1. Find out if your ballot has been verified and counted. It's fast and easy—click here to check your ballot.

2. You might have forgotten to sign the envelope, or there may have been a problem with your signature—if this is the case King County should have sent you form letting you know there is a problem with your ballot. Please sign the form and send it in immediately to ensure your vote is counted! If you have lost or damaged your form, reply to this email or contact us at info@richardconlin.com and we'll get a replacement to you as soon as possible.

I went to King County's Ballot Tracker, entered my name and date of birth, and found out that my vote for Kshama Sawant has been counted! Terry's vote for Kshama Sawant has also been counted. Make sure your vote for Richard Conlin's opponent has been counted by going to King County's Ballot Tracker!

If your vote for Kshama Sawant wasn't counted because you forgot to sign your ballot or there was a problem with your signature and you lost the form King County sent you—a form you need to sign and get back to King County so that your vote for Kshama Sawant will be counted—just email Richard Conlin and his team will get a replacement form to you ASAP! Sign the form, get it back to the county, and your vote for Kshama Sawant will be counted!

Wanna help make sure every vote for Kshama Sawant gets counted? You can! Here's how:

This weekend, the Sawant campaign is holding volunteer and staff trainings to mobilize its large base of active supporters to help track down and verify challenged ballots, as a way to maximize the chances that the Sawant campaign can win the Position 2 race outright, without need for a recount. Read more about these trainings here, and please join us Saturday and/or Sunday at 11am at our Campaign Headquarters (1265 Main Street, Suite 205).