The Empire Struck Back: Our election night coverage details every inch of the struckening.

Under Surveillance: Commenter TomJohnsonJr. investigates the wifi networks explained in the feature this week. Brendan Kiley explains why you should be worried, even if you're not doing anything wrong.

Are Our New Districts Human-Rights Friendly? Anna Minard investigates.

Seattle's Other Great Sports Team: The Rat City Roller Girls. (The first great sports team, of course, is the Seattle Storm.)

Maybe One Day Rand Paul Will Plagiarize the Wikipedia Article About the Rand Paul Plagiarism Scandal: Rand Paul has had a hell of a week, but he made time to write a column for us. It just keeps coming! Oh, well. At least he hasn't learned anything.

This Is Terrible: A man died in a Snohomish County Jail. His mother is charging that he died because the jail ignored his food allergies.

Seattle's First Lady Arrested: Peggy Lynch was arrested at an immigration reform rally. Former state GOP chair Kirby Wilbur tweeted shitty comments about the protesters.

Saving the Comet: David Meinert and Jason Lajeunesse step in.

Sell Your Extinction: Amazon unveils program for independent booksellers to carry Kindles in their stores.

Superheroic Diversity: Local author G. Willow Wilson had a big week.

Barilla Pasta Might Be Trying to Un-Homophobe Itself: "This is a friendly reminder that sometimes...boycotts do work."

Funny Book Publisher Needs Your Help: Go Kickstart Fantagraphics.

Blue Hair Removal: Brendan Kiley debunks a popular theater myth.