Send Help: After Typhoon Haiyan, things are very, very bad in the Philippines. You should help if you can. Here's Charity Navigator's list of relief and recovery charities, with reports on how healthy, transparent, and smart with your donations those organizations are.

Corporate Welfare Queens Are Big Babies: Dominic Gates at the Seattle Times says Boeing's unions are unsure how to deal with a threat that the company will build their 777X planes elsewhere if the unions don't do what Boeing wants.

Three Stabbed Last Night: Police say a man stabbed three people in Pioneer Square last night.

The Internet's Idiot Du Jour: Richard Cohen at the Washington Post, who wrote a column suggesting that Americans with "conventional views" gag when they read about interracial marriage.

Bill Clinton Sure Does Like to Talk: In an interview about people who did not get to keep their shitty useless bargain-basement insurance plans under Obamacare, Clinton said "I personally believe, even if it takes changing the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got."

In Other Insurance News: Insurers want to go around the government's struggling Obamacare site and appeal directly to buyers. Only 40,000 people have signed up for insurance through the site in the past six weeks.

Even John Roberts Thinks You're a Freak: The Supreme Court has passed on reinvestigating Oklahoma's extreme anti-abortion law.

The Market Always Knows What's Right: China's leaders are calling to unleash the market on their economy.

Sarah Palin: Still full of shit.

Senator's Son Dies in Plane Crash: Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe's 52 year-old son died over the weekend. He was piloting the small aircraft at the time of the accident.

#AskPM: Anti-gay, anti-woman Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll is answering questions this morning on Twitter on the #AskPM hashtag. You should get in there and ask him something. I wrote some sample questions for you last night.

And Finally, Macklemore Plays the ACLU Card: