Singer Wayne Mills, whose "outlaw country" songs center on honky-tonk life, died in a Nashville bar shooting Saturday, police said.

Chris Ferrell, owner of Nashville's Pit and Barrel bar, told police he shot Mills, 44, in self-defense, according to a Nashville police statement.

"Wayne Mills by definition is one that is a stiff-necked, country troubadour with an affinity for honky-tonks and possessing a style of rustic simplicity," his official website said.
He's an "average country boy steeped in the Southern vernacular of God, guns and football," his official biography reads.

The man who shot Mills was no stranger but a friend and the owner of the bar (the Pit and Barrel Bar). It seems they disagreed on something and decided to resolve the matter with bullets. The friend proved to be the better marksman and so won the argument. To use the words of Antanas Mockus, a philosopher and former Mayor of Bogota, violence is simply another form of communication.