The GOP has its jaw locked on this one:

Right-wing media are dismissing President Obama's and Congressional Democrats' work on filibuster reform, a diplomatic agreement with Iran, and immigration reform as merely attempts to distract from the Affordable Care Act.
The list goes on and on. What to do? Obama should offer another distraction, but this time not for the public but for the GOP: Something/anything to do with his shameful/lame response to Benghazi. Such a distraction, however, will ultimately help the GOP because eventually the massive operation of transforming the American health system will improve and the all of the current difficulties be forgotten:
The top Republican leading the charge against Obamacare is now signed up for it and will take thousands of dollars in government support to help with its costs, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner confirmed to CNN.
The same is not true for Benghazi. We will not forget Benghazi.