Kshama Sawant ran strong throughout the landlocked interior of Seattle.
  • Elliott Day | lltt.co
  • Kshama Sawant ran strong throughout much of Seattle's landlocked interior.

To be clear, it wasn't just District 3 in which Kshama Sawant ran strong. While I don't have the precinct totals at my fingertips, as you can see from the citywide map above, Sawant also racked up a sizable advantage in District 2 (Southeast Seattle) and District 6 (Ballard, Fremont, etc.). In fact, Sawant did quite well throughout Seattle's landlocked interior, whereas voters with water views tended to strongly support incumbent Richard Conlin.

It's hard not to see the obvious division by wealth. Owners of fancy houses with landscaped lawns clearly weren't so into the Socialist. But this was more than just class consciousness. There are plenty of expensive condos and apartments on Capitol Hill, and yet their affluent residents weren't scared away by Sawant's socialist message.

And I'm not going to imply anything more than that.