The Macklemore & Ryan Lewis vs. Pearl Jam vs. Slog Holiday Charity Challenge continues! If you're just tuning in, we're pitting the fans of the hometown heroes of music against the fans of America's Hometown Blog™ to raise money to support YouthCare's Orion Center. (And another excellent blog has gotten in on it too, running a pro-Orion-Center, anti-Dan-Savage fundraising campaign! Whatever works, people!)

It's twenty-five degrees out in Seattle right now. Tomorrow, it's supposed to snow. YouthCare and the Orion Center help our city's homeless young people by providing daily hot meals, a clothing bank, a safe indoor place to sleep, GED classes, job training programs, and assistance with finding permanent housing. It's especially important right now, but our goal is to show Seattle cares and raise enough to keep the Orion Center operational for the next calendar year. And look, everybody—we're making it happen!


• Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fans have donated: $13,788.14

• Pearl Jam fans: $19,993.27

• Slog fans: $5,550.00

And Seattlish fans are still donating: $800 so far!

TOTAL $$$: $40,131.41

Are Pearl Jam fans the best fans? Will Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fans rally? How about the news that "Same Love" is up for a Grammy for Song of the Year? Forty percent—that's almost half—of the kids that YouthCare and the Orion Center sees left home or were kicked out because of their sexuality. Things are changing (yes!!!), but right now, they need our help. Donate to the Orion Center right now!

• Macklemore & Ryan Lewis fans: GO HERE TO GIVE!
• Pearl Jam fans: GO HERE TO GIVE!
• Slog fans: GO HERE TO GIVE!

And Seattlish fans can go here to give and make a note that it's on behalf of Seattlish/anti-Dan-Savage!

The fans that raise the most for the Orion Center by December 24th WIN the title of the Best Fans of the Best Band or Best Blog in the Universe Forever!

And, of course, if you give at least $25 to the Orion Center, then forward us your receipt and your commenter handle, we'll give you a commenter tag on Slog that says SLOG FAN, MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS FAN, or PEARL JAM FAN! Your choice!