You know who can't wait to get high? Adorable Christmas caroling ladies! As part of the Great Figgy Pudding Caroling Competition, the Beaconettes regaled downtown Seattle passersby this past weekend with everything that's great about legal pot. To the tune of "Mr Sandman," natch:

Let's put this present under the tree: With legalization support this year leaping to 58 percent of Americans, the Obama administration taking a hand-off approach, and songs about taking a "big hit" joining the Christian holiday canon, the war on pot is toast. Lyrics after the jump:

Now it's legit
Can't wait to light up and take a big hit
I am a good girl but I acknowledge
I might have tried a little back in college
Voters broke all the rules
And now you Potheads are funding our schools
Mary Jane is here to stay
Marijuana now it's OK
It's no different then buying beer
Just patronize any store on Rainier
With a prescription they'll treat you with kindness
So you can get relief for your night blindness
Stoners will save our state, balance the budget without a debate
Hope the Feds don't get their way, (no way)
Marijuana baby hey hey hey
Marijuana now it's okay!!!