Explosives Suspected on Harvard Campus: The ivy-league school has evacuated its campus after possible explosives were discovered in four buildings this morning.

Doin' the Electric Slide: An earthquake in rainy weather could trigger 30,000 landslides in Seattle, causing thousands of fancy homes to slide into the water, a new study finds.

Dog Earns Its Dinner: A slumbering Monroe family was alerted to a Christmas tree house fire by the family dog on Saturday. Everyone escaped unhurt. One resident of an Everett apartment fire on Sunday wasn't so lucky.

Call Me Delta 2A: Would you legally change your name for a one-way ticket to Berlin and the chance to start life over in a prepaid apartment, courtesy of an airline promotion? At least 42 Swedes would.

Sandy Hook and the Slow Progress of Mental Healthcare: There's a flood of Sandy Hook retrospectives on the internet right now. Among them, I recommend that you read this Think Progress piece.

Gun Laws? Fuck 'Em: What's the point of enacting tougher gun laws if law enforcement officers can blithely ignore them?

Affluenza Is the New Gout: Critics say that a Fort Worth teen who killed four people and paralyzed a fifth in a drunk driving crash got a light sentence—just probation—because he comes from a wealthy family. Meanwhile, a psychologist for the defense argued that the teen suffered from "affluenza," the curse of growing up in a wealthy household.

A Country in Need of a Little Affluenza: The UN announces that three-quarters of Syria's population will need humanitarian aide in 2014.

Uncle! The NSA is considering offering Edward Snowden the amnesty he seeks in exchange for a promise to stop leaking documents because he's totally undermining their international secret spy credibility.

Google's Robot Army: The internet giant is collecting robotics companies with the same gusto I collect fridge molds.

Santa Is White; You Guys Get Krampus: A New Mexican school teacher mimics Megyn Kelly's stupidity.

I Wish I was Skating Across Lake Orlangen Right Now: Get a look at these photos, they're wondrous.