Our mailbag runneth over. Bolds on this letter are mine, but everything else is exactly as it was sent to us, except I removed the author's last name.

Dear Editor:

Why would you publish such a foul-mouthed and hateful piece as that written by Dan Savage, "Good Grief and Great Tits"? Giving voice to radical opinions from any political persuasion is to be praised. Publishing material where profanity, death wishes, abuse of the Lord's Name and anti-Semitic comments are the best tools of the "writer" dishonors you like smeared lipstick on a whore.

Is Mr. Savage's juvenile rant representative of the content and views of your publication? Is THIS how you want to be defined? Really? I have never heard of your publication and now I know why.

As for Mr. Savage's wishes for the death of Sarah Palin, and his obvious disdain for Christians and Jews, well..par for the course for such a juvenile hack as Mr. Savage and, apparently, par for the course for a rag such as the Stranger.

Have a blessed day.


And before you ask, I can assure you that Rick's last name is not Santorum.