A Call for Arms: The US is sending "dozens of Hellfire missiles and low-tech surveillance drones to Iraq" to fend off insurgents.

Bad Turkey: Scandal and corruption has risen to the top in Turkey.

More Work for You: Jobless numbers "dropped by 42,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 338,000."

Bad Weather: It's happening in the Northeastern US and Canada.

It's Coming Down: The building that was the site of a Christmas Eve fire in the International District might collapse.

Marital Strife: The husband of incoming Mayor Ed Murray has a government job. That might cause some problems.

No Vote for You: In Thailand, violent protests could cause the scheduled elections in February to be delayed.

You're Bad at Your Job (But Keep Doing It) A Longview, Washington retirement facility had its license revoked after an 88-year-old woman froze to death in the facility's courtyard. The facility remains open, but can't accept new patients.

Dr. Feelbad: An Everett doctor admits that he prescribed medicine "simply to make a profit."

What's He Doing in There? Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to a controversial shrine turns heads.

Look out! It's the ghost of baby Jesus!