Who the fuck knows.
  • Trent Moorman
  • Who the fuck knows.

1. How's Tripoli? Trippy. How's Seattle? —Lady Gaga

2. Do you like igloos? Talk about igloos. I like igloos. —James Blake

3. Do you want to camp after your show at the Gorge? My friend Kevin can lend you a sleeping bag. We have Fireball. We won't stab you. That's tempting. Let me think about it. —Geezer Butler, Black Sabbath

4. After breakfast in bed, there's the horse-carriage ride to the spa. What do I play in the carriage? Play "Battlezone" and get some '80s R&B greatest hits going. —Bizzy Bone, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

5. Have you been reincarnated? I don't know if I've had other lifetimes or not, but I regularly feel a kinship with the image of a cross-eyed Chinese man. —Bianca Casady, CocoRosie

6. What did you think of the CocoRosie? The paparazzi? —Tad Doyle

7. What's your advice to women in music? Don't pay attention to sexist bullshit. Don't lead with your butt or cooch. —Ann Wilson, Heart

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