Here's a tweet from Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll's Twitter feed, yesterday:

Here's a tweet from someone using Bill Murray's name on Twitter from September of this year:

Sharideth Smith writes on Matthew Paul Turner's site:

If this tweet had been an isolated incident…no big deal. In fact, as others have noted, it’s pretty much impossible to figure out who originally coined the joke. But it wasn’t Mark Driscoll or Mars Hill. On its own, it’s totally not worthy of the twitastrophe it became. Granted, that was mostly my fault. However, people were bothered by this because of the entire plagiarism context. They weren’t Mark’s words. But they were presented as Mark’s words. His followers believed they were his words. You just can’t do that. Especially when facing serious plagiarism allegations. Under the circumstances, that tweet was either foolish or arrogant. I’m not super excited about either option.

What will 2014 bring for Driscoll? I know one thing for sure: Everything he writes is going to be plugged into Google by a volunteer army of Christian bloggers looking to catch him at his old tricks again.

(In other plagiarist news, Shia LaBeouf is still an asshole.)