Hi, I'm your new...person. I actually don't know what the specifics of my job are yet aside from write news things, but I dropped out of my Ph.D. program to do this and I'm really excited to figure it out. I called Macklemore "The Ginger Minstrel" during my interview so I'm still sort of shocked that I got hired.

I moved to Seattle in May (if you click here you can find out a lot more about what I did before that), because I really believe it's the best city in America. That said, I want to figure out what the fuck is going on with race, class, and gender politics here, so I'll write about that as much as possible.

I picked Chair #12 from the Island of Misfit Toys—it feels like I'm sitting on a stack of maxi pads and I think my tailbone is broken now? I'm ready to start.