Snowpocalypageddon! It's snowing back East. And it's very cold. They'll deal.

Dozens of politicians' jobs are at stake. Boeing Machinists will vote tonight on whether to approve the company's latest contract offer. It's the lose/lose option company executives have hoped for: A no vote will cost local workers the wing of the new 777X and possibly final assembly; a yes vote will tear apart the union.

Ballot shootout. Both supporters and opponents of gun purchase background checks say they have submitted enough signatures to get their dueling initiatives on the ballot.

The circle of life, North Korea-style. North Korean leader Kim Jung Un reportedly executed his deposed uncle by throwing him naked into a cage filled with 120 starving dogs. Watch out, Dennis Rodman!

Cheerios says no to GMO. General Mills has stopped using genetically modified ingredients in its popular Cheerios breakfast cereal, a staple food of toddlers everywhere. Anybody who has been a parent knows what a huge symbolic blow this is against the GMO industry.

He couldn't be any worse than the incumbent. Openly gay American Idol Clay Aiken is considering a run for Congress in a North Carolina district currently held by a teabagger.

It's a miracle! Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin returned to practice yesterday! Still no guarantee that he'll play.

And you thought the coal trains were bad. Following a string of explosions, federal officials have warned that the Bakken light crude oil being shipped by rail across the US from North Dakota may be more flammable than typical crude oil.

I've been on that cruise. The Chinese icebreaker carrying the 52 passengers from the Russian icebreaker that had been trapped for weeks in ice off Antarctica, has been forced to halt out of fears that it too will become stuck in ice.

Qatlh HIja', tu'lu' mughwI' English Hol-tlhIngan. Sov 'Iv? Indian Trail North Carolina Town Council member David Waddell turned in his resignation letter yesterday, written entirely in Klingon. Waddell resigned using the fictional language so that would have the time to mount a fictional write-in campaign for US Senate on the fictional Constitution Party ticket.

Crazy person does crazy thing—gets on TV! A local woman ate nothing but Starbucks for a year, and survived. That's nothing. Dom has eaten nothing but Ballet for the better part of a decade, and you don't hear him bragging about it.