Im alive!
  • i made this in ms paint

Is Gene Wilder still alive? Very much so, especially at Central Cinema tonight, where he is not only enjoying the gift of life, but bestowing it upon others, in Young Frankenstein. Do you recognize this image above from the movie? No, you don’t because I just made it in MS Paint last night. Try suing my ass now, Brooks. I wanted to make a graphic, eye-catching post. As you can see, I am not a skilled artist.

Other stuff happening around town that you may want to know about. Ceci N’est Pas une Pipe at CoCa Georgetown will be closing in the next week, after a long run. And //SIGHTLINES at the Gage Academy of Art, a group show inspired by Buster Simpson’s Frye exhibition //SURVEYOR, will also be closing on JAN 10. You can also get in on Paella for $15 a head at Terra Plata and it’s Bingo Night at Calamity Jane’s in Georgetown.