ABC News, last night:

A satanic group unveiled designs Monday for a 7-foot-tall statue of Satan it wants to put at the Oklahoma state Capitol, where a Ten Commandments monument was placed in 2012.

The New York-based Satanic Temple formally submitted its application to a panel that oversees the Capitol grounds, including an artist's rendering that depicts Satan as Baphomet, a goat-headed figure with horns, wings and a long beard that's often used as a symbol of the occult. In the rendering, Satan is sitting in a pentagram-adorned throne with smiling children next to him.

While I appreciate what the Satanic Temple is trying to do here, I think this statue is just going to be a lightning rod for shitty behavior. In a perfect world, yes, either any and all religions or no religions at all would be able to put up monuments on state land. But this is just going to start another dumbshit Fox News crusade and other non-Christian religions are just going to get swept up in the same category as the Satanists, whether they like it or not. Or am I wrong?