I have an quick candy announcement regarding Valentine's Day. You may or may not have noticed (or been as outraged as I was) about Sweethearts conversation hearts switching to a gross new recipe after more than a century of reliable, chalky, delicious service. Wikipedia tells us how it all began:

Oliver R. Chase invented a machine in 1847 to cut lozenges from wafer candy, similar to Necco Wafers, and started a candy factory. Daniel Chase, Oliver's brother, began printing sayings on the candy in 1866. He designed a machine that was able to press on the candy similar to a stamp. The candy was often used for weddings since the candies had witty saying such as: "Married in pink, he will take a drink..." The heart-shaped conversation candies to be called Sweethearts got their start in 1901.

In 2010, I was confused, and then disgusted, to find that while Sweethearts kept their packaging similar, they'd unexpectedly "updated" the old flavors (aka dipped them in something similar to aspartame-flavored hairspray), even adding blue raspberry to the mix. Are you kidding me? Don't EVER go blue raspberry on your candy fans after 109 years. That winter, I wrote to Necco many times about their poor judgment, and to see if there were any warehouses full of the old candies that someone could theoretically purchase (I was in a real state). They never responded.

Then, yesterday, I was strolling through the QFC holiday-candy zone and spotted bags (hanging vertically in the zone where you might find chip clips or squirt guns) of "Mayfair Candies" which I knew in my heart of conversation hearts to be the Valentine's treat I'd been missing.

I bought a bag and LAAAAAA [beautiful harp noise], they are they same! Exactly the same! As I type this, I have already taken down every orange in the bag. I'm wondering if maybe Necco let this Mayfair company re-sell their old stock (they don't go bad, right?) or just allowed the recipe to become public because they hate me, and you, and love, and Cupid himself.