What is the After Party? It takes place at Art for Food, where fascinating and tasty things will probably be happening—it's part of the Storefronts Seattle project, and it's brought to you in part by the marvelous Maxime Bilet (coauthor of Modernist Cuisine), and it is "a creative community space that acts both as a teaching lab and a retail platform for food-related fine arts, design, performances, classes, guest talks, and events," devoted to "promoting powerful and lasting change through food education, food arts, and food-based scientific research."

The After Party includes tastings by chef Brendan McGill (of new-in-Pioneer-Square Altstadt and Hitchcock on Bainbridge), Proletariat Wines, Stoup Brewery, Theo Chocolate, and Taylor Shellfish... plus live music by & Yet, a "sensory photo booth" (!?) with local photographer Melissa McClain, stations with kids from the Hilltop Garden Explorers program at McCarver Elementary in Tacoma (which sounds awesome)... and, as they say, much more.

So no, I don't really know what this After Party will be (or what it is after), but it seems very much worth checking out.

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