Seattle Police Hired the Former OPA Director on a $45K Contract: You remember Kathryn Olson, right? Thought we'd gotten rid of her? Assistant Chief Mark Sanford, who Olson twice cleared of allegations of wrongdoing, hired her back to "create an accountability system."

Four Years Since the Haiti Earthquake: Much of the international money pledged for rebuilding never came through. The millions that did were largely channeled through Beltway contractors and behemoth Western NGOs, not the Haitian government or Haitian businesses or Haitian civil society groups. The results have been predictably shitty. Here's what I wrote on last year's anniversary of the quake (which I lived through).

Canadian Teen Convicted of Child Porn for Sexting: In British Colombia, prosecutors are touting the conviction of 16-year-old girl for sending text messages containing explicit pictures of her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend.

Bank of America Employs 20 Social Media "Trolls" Looking for Information on Protesters: That's according to emails between a bank "intelligence analyst" and the Washington State Patrol.

Campaign Finance Reform: The prognosis for 2014 is not good. In fact, an expected Supreme Court ruling could make things even worse.

Ariel Sharon, Dead: "He was accused of war crimes after between 800 and 2,000 Palestinians were butchered at the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in 1982 in Lebanon by Phalangist Christians while Israeli forces stood by. Sharon was defence minister at the time."

Guantanamo Turns 12: $4.7 billion spent, 800 men imprisoned, nine of them dead, and only 20 are considered chargeable for crimes.

We Brought Democracy to Afghanistan: No no, not really, of course. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates reveals in his new memoir that US officials conspired to manipulate the country's 2009 presidential election in their favor.

A loving tribute to Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli from The Simpsons: