You Want $15 an Hour Wages? Then You Want This Rally: Social movements drive social change. 'Nuff said. Be there today. 2 pm, Labor Temple, Hall One, 2800 First Ave.

Eastbound Snoqualmie Pass, Closed: "To remove vehicles that slid off the roadway."

Two Bombings in Baghdad: The violence doesn't seem to be letting up.

Gmail Is Becoming Facebook: Ewww... People can now look up on Google+ and send you an email without knowing your email address.

Showdown in Bangkok: Demonstrators say they're going to shut down the capital city for between 15-20 days to protest the government's corruption. Officials say they're deploying 14,000 troops. Rumors of an impending coup abound. Such tension. Wow.

"Freedom Industries" Leaks Toxic Chemical Into West Virginia Water Supply: 300,000 people still can't use their tap water while the state and company scramble to determine how much of the chemical—4-methylcyclohexane methanol—has leaked out and into the water.

House Democrats Hostile to the Trans-Pacific Partnership: The Dems say they're opposed to the Obama administration's attempt to "fast-track" legislation that would represent one of the biggest and most secretive "free trade" deals since NAFTA.

9136 To 1: That's the number of peer-reviewed authors of scientific papers who support the notion of man-made global warming versus how many explicitly deny it. This is what we mean by scientific consensus.

"It's difficult to make shit up about the echidna because it's so damn weird." The animal with the four-headed penis: