Today’s the big day, folks. Gary Shteyngart is reading at Town Hall, from his new memoir, Little Failure. Everybody in the office who has spoken about Shteyngart speaks highly of him. All rivers flow to Shteyngart.

Now, let's talk about other recommended events for tonight. You can go see this painting by Ronald Hall, part of a show called The N Word at Gallery4Culture. It’s a collection of sharp paintings, with the look of collage. They’re surreal, indicting, and rich with color and reference.

Exchanging Moments in Time oil on canvas by Ronald Hall
  • Courtesy of Gallery4Culture
  • "Exchanging Moments in Time" oil on canvas by Ronald Hall

In theater, Brendan recommends Sandbox Radio: Live! at ACT, which is a live recording of a radio drama. Two hours, with an intermission, and (tonight only) featuring special guest Ken Jennings, Jeopardy superstar. Speaking of Mormons, before I forget: There’s another recommended memoir reading tonight. This one’s at the University Bookstore: Ingrid Ricks’s account of her dysfunctional LDS upbringing.

Music? You want music, now? Okay. Here are the musics for today. Local band Hey Marseilles at Neumos for only $15, Melia Watras debuts new pieces of legit music on an instrument which I'm being told is called a “viola” at Meany, and the Andy Coe Band jams ala The Dead (you know, like really jaaaaams) at The Blue Moon.