Mean men say, "Okay, I guess we can keep feeding poor people, just a little bit": Democrats Concede to Curb Funds for Wall Street Regulators in Spending Bill

To the polls: Egyptians Defy Violence to Vote on Constitution

Over in Bangkok: Thailand Anti-Government Protesters Continue Effort to 'Shut Down' Bangkok

This headline sounds kind of dirty, doesn't it?: Pope With the Humble Touch Is Firm in Reshaping the Vatican

Also today in Pope: Pope's Harley Goes Up For Auction To Help Rome Soup Kitchen

Meanwhile, in gay Paree: France Deports Record Number of Roma (also, did you read this? Stupid paywall, sorry!)

NO NO NO NO NO: Shooting Reported at New Mexico Middle School

Sportsball expert says "it’s finally time to meet in the middle and truly unload on each other" (ew?): NFC Finale: This Is the Showdown You Wanted

The poetry of climate change: Seattle Scientist Distills 2,200-Page Report into Haiku

Glaciers and ice sheets
melt worldwide, speed increasing
Sea ice, snow retreat

Plus: Headline of the day!