Tonight's performance of Family Affair—the monthly, family-specific storytelling show at Rendezvous hosted by ace performer Jennifer Jasper—will be a benefit for Zach and Ashley Adair, a theater couple who were hit by a car on Stone Way last Saturday.

It was not a hit-and-run (fortunately), but both suffered serious head injuries—Zach needed surgery and three days in the intensive care unit. They're raising money to defray medical costs.

This is also an excellent excuse to check out Jasper's monthly exercise in getting others to exhume their family skeletons and wheel them onto the Rendezvous stage. (You can read an interview with her in the most recent issue of A&P.)

The show start at 7:30, the tickets are $10, and David Schmader will be among the performers. He says he's telling a story about the first time he talked his parents into letting him see an R-rated movie.