Hi. We have two suggested events today. There’s a live taping of a radio drama, ‘Welcome to Night Vale,’ at The Neptune. It’s centered around a small town that’s equal parts hashtag Twin Peaks and hashtag Lake Wobegon. @GarrisonKeillor please RT, please.

The other suggested event is Amanda Manitach’s art show. A bunch of huge watercolors. They’re heavy on the water and light on the color, and it sounds like everyone’s going to The Bryan Ohno Gallery to see them tonight.

The Worker photo by Rodrigo Valenzuela at the WSCC
  • Courtesy of Idea Odyssey
  • "The Worker" photo by Rodrigo Valenzuela at the WSCC

Let’s also talk about the several other art shows opening today—Jen hasn’t even been in the office she’s so busy buzzing around town like a bumblebee trying to pollinate all this art with criticism. Gary Hill has a show opening at the James Harris Gallery. He’s a new media artist and the components of the installation he has are 1. shards of glass and 2. video projections. Then there’s IDxID: New Identities Revisited at the Convention Center, and a “nationally touring trans-media exhibition” at Photo Center Northwest.

And in music there are five recommended shows happening tonight, so be sure to click through for an educated explanation of why Wind Burial at Sunset Tavern, Richie Aldente at Barboza, Stag at Columbia City Theater, Amel Larrieux at Jazz Alley, and/or the DJ night "Sophisticated Mama" are just what you’re looking to do tonight.