So Bertha the digging machine may be permanently stuck. And the SR 99 tunnel project may be scrapped for good. Dominic Holden said he thought it might be time to turn it into a skate park. It’s true, since they’ve already spent 11 quatrillion dollars, they need to make some of it back. I have an idea that may be of some monetary assistance. We have 1,019 feet of existing tunnel that’s what, six stories high? A skate park is good, but let’s flesh this out.

The answer to the tunnel problem is: a funplex with dinner theater. We could call it The Big Hole. Or Bertha’s Place? And charge out the ass for everything, because people will pay. If you feel like skateboarding, rent some knee-pads at an extremely high fee.

We’re talking a multi-use, dinner-theater arena. Agatha Christie mystery dinner theater/paint ball/petting maze/smash put/wave pool/Nerf stadium. With thirty brand new skee-ball machines. It will also be a sports book gambling center, and have nine miles of electronic slot track car racing. They’ll make their money back in no time.

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