• Here is Live Coverage of Obama’s NSA Speech.

• Meanwhile, NSA Collects Millions of Text Messages Daily in 'Untargeted' Global Sweep: OMG, u r reading thiis NSA? haha

First Lady at 50, Finding Her Own Path: It's Michelle's birthday, and the New York Times says stars are, um, just like us... if we're like a well-off 50-year-old lady and also a little bit like Eleanor Roosevelt.

Pennsylvania Judge Strikes Down State’s Voter ID Law: Because this kind of horseshit is unconstitutional.

Vigilantes Take on Drug Cartels Terrorising South-west Mexico: "The army and government have discredited themselves because instead of first going after the criminals they have pursued those who are trying to defend themselves," they say.

The Birth of the Minimum Wage in America: It started with bakeries.

California Wildfire Forces Thousands to Flee Hills Above Los Angeles: Possibly because of one little campfire.

Oscar 2014 Nominations Reflect a Sea Change in Academy's Attitude: It's a "not-quite changing of the guard," says the LA Times (mmmkay).

• Sunday Sportsball: Five Things to Remember About Brady vs. Manning: #1, they are both quarterbacks...

• And Sunday Sportsball: 49ers Must Avoid Turnovers to Win in Seattle... so we should carpet the field with delicious, hot turnovers.