In the graphic design field, Robert Newman is a big deal. If you can think of a beautiful magazine, he's probably worked as a design director there, or he's at least been an influence on that magazine's design. Which is why we're honored to read that Newman put The Stranger on his My Top 12 Favo(u)rite Magazine Covers of 2013 list. Specifically, Newman loved our June 12, 2013 cover, featuring hair art by Hugh Kretschmer. Here it is:


The Stranger just wouldn't be The Stranger without our beautiful design. Our art director, Aaron Huffman, makes our paper impossibly attractive week after week, from the covers on down to the things nobody cares about or reads. (Did you know we publish book reviews?) Congratulations to Aaron for the honor and thanks for making us look so goddamned good all the time.

But that's not all! Newman also selected a cover from our southward sister publication, The Portland Mercury. I've dropped the cover after the jump—it's their NSFW Hump issue cover, and it's maybe my favorite Mercury cover ever—and I encourage you to take a look. The Merc's Art Director is named Justin “Scrappers” Morrison, and he makes the paper a visual delight. (Fun fact: The cover photo was taken by our own Kelly O.) Congrats to Justin, Kelly, and the Merc for the honor. Go check out the rest of Newman's selections to see some of the best American design work of the last year.