Get Ready to March: There will be a march to demand a $15 minimum wage on Monday. Here's the information.

Saving the Bus: If the state legislature won't meet our transportation needs, Dow Constantine will.

Must-Read: Danielle Henderson explains that the reproductive parity act season has begun.

The Language of Bertha: Dominic Holden proves that the weirdest, most compelling reading of the week comes from the Department of Transportation's tunnel updates.

Jesus Freak: Dan Savage calls bullshit on a stupid, stupid tweet from Mark Driscoll.

Anonymous Reads Slog? At least, they seem to be fans of Ansel Herz.

Genius or Disaster? How are the recent SPD changes going?

Interview with the New Guy: Anna Minard met with the new head of the Seattle Police Officers Guild...and the meeting actually went well?

Cheap Waterfront Property: Goldy visits the Seattle Archipelago.

Headline of the Week: "New Cheerios Commercial Raises More Questions Than It Answers"

Don't Feed the Trolls: A Slog poll about getting in contact with a possible gun nut.

Dear Trader Joe: Your salted caramels are gross.

Loving Elaine Benes: Christopher Frizzelle writes about his sole crush on a straight lady.

It's Oscar Season: Here's David Schmader's first take on the Academy Award nominations.