Judge Approves Police Reform Measure: Under the new policy, officers will have to document every investigative stop of a pedestrian and supervisors must respond to any scene where there's a complaint about biased policing. Sounds like a step in the right direction.

Damn Right: Massachusetts must pay for a sex change operation for a prisoner with gender identity disorder, a court ruled on Friday.

Capitol Hill Businesses Against Decent Wages: A letter from an assortment of restaurants and stores claims a $15 per hour minimum wage would cause "extreme hardship." The letter does not describe what kind of hardships their employees endure on $9.19 an hour wages.

New Evidence Against Henry Kissinger, War Criminal: A newly unearthed memo shows how in 1976, Kissinger asked Argentina's military dictatorship to "clean up the problem," whereupon the junta ordered mass killings and disappearances of dissidents and leftists—roughly 30,000 people.

Olympia Takes Up Salmon GMO Labeling Bill: Do you want genetically-modified salmon labeled as such? I sure as hell do.

"Counterterrorism" Suppression Used Against Cambodia Workers: Because (friendly reminder!) the word terrorism is utterly meaningless.

Pope Action! New documents show Pope Benedict defrocked hundreds of priests for child abuse, while the current Pope, Francis, has shaken up the Vatican's bank board.

Today in the Death Penalty: In Ohio, the family of an executed man is suing over the allegedly "cruel and inhumane" two-drug cocktail used to kill him. Texas, meanwhile, seems intent on executing a Mexican man who was not informed of his consular rights upon arrest.

What the hell is this: