I've Said It Once And I'll Say It Again: If the media is going to keep labeling Council member Kshama Sawant a socialist, they need to label the other politicians capitalists. Jen posted an interview last week on how Republicans use coded language to stir up support among racist segments of their base. It's little different when the Seattle Times, Seattle Weekly, and Seattle P-I all routinely use some combination of the words "fiery" and "socialist" in their reporting on Sawant—but they never use words like "staid" and "capitalist" to describe her colleagues at City Hall. It's code for: this person is not like the others, she's not mainstream, and she's a threat. The same terms were used by American journalists to marginalize Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

President Obama States the Obvious: Pot's no worse than alcohol.

Belltown Fight Leads to Officer-Involved Shooting, According to KING 5: "Investigators believe this incident does not involve the NFC Championship game or anyone wearing football jerseys."

"Seeds of Genocide" in the Central African Republic, Says United Nations Official: Just wondering, where are all the "humanitarian interventionists" who were clamoring for an attack on Syria now?

Oh Look, Another Program To Help People Save Their Homes from Foreclosure That Failed: The program was "no match for the persistence and legal power of banks intent on collecting fees and racking up foreclosures."

How American Corruption Derailed Haiti's Earthquake Recovery: People try to blame Haiti's travails on internal corruption, but we've either legalized and willfully ignored corruption within our own foreign aid system.

Rodney Tom Strikes Again: The state house has already advanced the DREAM Act, but the Senate Majority Leader and Senate Republicans are signalling they won't bring the bill to the floor for a vote. That could hurt them come election day.

Kiev Rocked by Riots: It's protesters using sticks and setting buses on fire, upset with proposals that would curb dissent, versus police using pepper spray and flash grenades.

Jennifer Lawrence Talks "Armpit Vaginas" On the Red Carpet: *Swoon.*