The Seattle chapter of Drinking Liberally is homeless after nine years at the now defunct Montlake Ale House, and so we're temporarily taking our boozy political gabfest on the road until we select a new location. Tonight we'll be meeting at Madrona Eatery & Ale House, 1138 34th Avenue, from 8 pm onwards. I hear it's kinda like the Montlake Ale House, but in Madrona.

But next week join us a couple of hours early on Tuesday, January 28, for a very special State of the Union Bar! (We'll be watching the State of the Union Address at the Union Bar in Hillman City. Get it?) President Obama's speech starts at 6 pm, and we'll be turning up the TV to watch it together. It'll be kinda like going to a bar to watch the Super Bowl, but much, much more boring. But there will be beer! And likeminded liberals! So yay!

Drinking Liberally meets every Tuesday night, and I'm almost always there. So come on by and argue politics with me!