Last week, we got a peculiar and wonderful email from a regular reader who needs your advice for a pretty incredible reason:

Let's say that you spent most of your life not being able to see much at all, and then suddenly you are fortunate enough to be able to see pretty well. What are some of the most beautiful and visually interesting things to do/ogle in Seattle? I don't mind a difficult trek to a destination or going weird place at specific times to see the pretty things. I am down for some visual effects! This city is a beautiful one, so I hope you can help me out!

She and I corresponded a little further about her situation—she's in her 20s, wants to "see what this vision thing is all about," and says one of her favorite things about her new sight has been learning how to ride a bike.

I asked what images have been particularly striking for her so far:

Getting vision later in life, well that's a lot. It's like going to a foreign country when you're 30 and trying to learn the language because no one speaks any English. It's a lot to take in!

I thought the water touching the shore at Gasworks at night was cool. The water tower in Volunteer Park is always a classic. Anywhere with sparkly lights is fun. Interesting textures are great. For instance, bank carpet. Who knew?

What do you say, Sloggers?

What sights would you recommend for someone who has been living in Seattle for years but whose visual relationship with the city has just dramatically changed?