It's the Day After MLK Day: Racism is over now! Take a nap until February, y'all! You did it! (JUST KIDDING, Sarah Palin.) Here are some pictures of the day's festivities from our own Danielle and Jen.

Protesting Limits on Protesting: By protesting in the streets of Kiev, Ukraine, where the government recently enacted limitations on the right to protest.

The Second Officer-Involved Shooting of the Week: After getting reports of a man "waving a gun around at a bus stop" last night, SPD says its officers arrived on scene and ended up shooting the suspect with a rifle. KOMO explains that a new DOJ-approved process is now in place for investigating incidents like this.

The World Is Fucking This Up: From the New York Times:

The advocacy group Human Rights Watch sharply criticized international powers on Tuesday for the way they are dealing with the civil war in Syria, saying that the desire to bring President Bashar al-Assad’s government to the negotiating table should not become a pretext for failing to protect civilians caught in the conflict, which has claimed more than 100,000 lives.

Poor Chris Christie! Yesterday another slam on Christie, and now today he had to cancel his $500-a-head inauguration reception at Ellis Island? Supposedly because of the weather. Poor baby.

Washington State's Dream Act: If passed, it would help the children of immigrants go to college. If not, it could make for a big election issue come this fall. "The measure, however, is likely going nowhere in the Senate because Majority Leader Rodney Tom." (Sure, I may have ended that sentence a bit early, but I'm just wishing the Seattle Times was using the new "because-noun" construction there. It fits.

The Toilets That Spawned a Million Gay Jokes: Apparently much to the delight of the Twitterverse, Russia unveils some friendly two-toilets-per-stall men's restrooms in time for the Sochi Olympics.

Man, Everyone Is Still Talking About Our Sports Guy Yelling a Lot: How the hell are you supposed to comport yourself after riding an adrenaline rush through multiple hours of body-and-brain-destroying physical combat for the entertainment of the masses? I thought Paul said it best yesterday.

Speaking of Racism (and Twitter): Yesterday, rad comedian Solomon Georgio said this:

And then he did it. All day. You should go read those tweets. Now.