This Makes No Sense: Why did a whole bunch of China's web traffic aim itself at a single house in Wyoming yesterday?

Poll Vault, Part 1: Voters are in favor of gay marriage, a $10 minimum wage, medical marijuana, and a Democratic gubernatorial Florida? Is this Bizarro World?

Poll Vault, Part 2: This poll has no bearing on who the candidates will be in the 2016 presidential campaign, but these Quinnipac numbers are at least interesting in terms of how decided Democrats already are, and how undecided Republicans are. (Rand Paul and Paul Ryan are the frontrunners? Jesus.)

Surely, Those Numbers Will Never Decline! Wall Street loves Netflix right now.

Just Coz: Bill Cosby is working on a new sitcom for NBC.

Let's Try It! (You Go First) Here's what Lauren O'Neal has learned from going three years without using shampoo.

"People used to care about cars." I love yesterday's Cat and Girl comic strip.

And finally, here's a video of every single Netflix start screen, in alphabetical order: