Protests in the Streets of Kiev: Two people have now been killed in the protests, after Ukrainian parliament passed sweeping anti-protest laws last week. Here's a set of photos of the riots.

No Pot for You, Yakima: Yakima city council votes to ban the growing, processing, and retail sale of pot. We'll be seeing you over here, Yakamanians!

President of Eastside Catholic Resigns: Sister Mary Tracy leaves her job after the December firing of vice principal Mark Zmuda for marrying a man. #KeepMrZ2013 rolls on into 2014.

That's a Really Weird Signature: Sculptors hid a bronze rabbit inside the ear of their Nelson Mandela sculpture when they weren't allowed to sign their work. Now officials have to figure out how to remove it. (Rabbit puns ensue.)

Man Found Shot in the Chest in Central District: He was found lying in the street around 2:00 this morning and was rushed to Harborview.

Being Gay Is Not an Acceptable Reason to Remove Someone from a Jury: So says a federal appeals court, which ruled yesterday that it counts as unlawful discrimination. (No shit! And thanks, Slog Tipper Jill!)

Everyone on the Other Side of the Country Is Very Cold Today: Man, I try to to care about weather stories like this, but find I cannot.

Now There's a Headline! "Little Progress in Fighting Spread Of Gonorrhea In Northwest," says KUOW. Speaking of diseases...

Facebook Is a Disease: No, really! "Disease models can be used to understand the mass adoption and subsequent flight from online social networks, researchers at Princeton’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering say." (In a non-peer-reviewed study, BTW.) Which means, according to these researchers, that Facebook may lose 80 percent of its users in the next few years.

Watch Michelle Obama Dunk on LeBron James: The president tweeted this out yesterday in GIF form, which is even better. But here's the full video: