You know that old saw about how "guns don't kill people; people kill people"...? Well not according to Cynthia Bowman, who says a faulty gun discharged in her hand, killing her 17-year-old son as he was giving her a hug:

Dale and Cynthia Bowman said they called police about six months ago after the gun randomly discharged while on a dresser in their bedroom. They returned it to the store where they bought it and were told the problem was a faulty spring, they said.

The store replaced the magazine, and they thought the problem had been fixed, until Monday, they said.

Cynthia Bowman said she had the gun with her when she got home about midnight and got out of the car. As she walked toward the house, carrying the pistol pointed down, it discharged into the yard, she said.

She said she commented to her husband that they needed to take the gun back, and that someone would probably call the police after hearing the gunshot.

Cynthia Bowman said Kedrick asked, "What was that pop?" as he walked up to hug her when she entered the house.

She said Kedrick put his arms around her and laid his head against her chest.

Cynthia Bowman said she brought her hand up behind his head and the gun went off a second time.

Regardless of who is to blame—the gun, the mother, or both—that gun did not make this family any safer.