Snowden Speaks: Edward Snowden took part in a live chat this afternoon.

This Will Surely Be a Meaningful, Substantial Discussion with Real Results: Bill O'Reilly will be interviewing President Obama during the Super Bowl pre-game hoo-ha.

By "God," He Clearly Means "Al Gore" Pope Francis called the internet a "gift from God."

"... we’re unnecessarily asking for trouble by using the ‘natural’ language" A spokesman for the corn industry is uncomfortable about calling corn syrup "natural."

America: We're Not as Bad as Some of You Bigots! I can't tell if this poll is inspiring or depressing. Maybe it's inspressing?

Big Old Clunky Apples: Apparently, the Wall Street Journal says Apple is getting into the phablet business. "Phablet" is a terrible word, right up there with "webinar."

Game Gets +40 Experience Points: Dungeons & Dragons turns 40 this weekend!