I just read your advice for CREAMPIE, the man who loses interest in eating his own come out of his wife's pussy right after he comes. You said there was no fix. But I thought I would toss in one solution to his problem: freeze his ejaculate. I am in a very similar situation—love come, want to eat my own, but only before I come. My work around to this is jerk off in a container, pop it in the freezer, warm it before sex, and viola!

Containers Of Lovely Drizzle

People helping people—it's what "Savage Love" is all about, so thanks for sharing, COLD. More advice for CREAMPIE after the jump.


I imagine that you'll receive many responses about CREAMPIE, the guy who wasn't able to lick up his own jizz after he came. This used to be a problem for me as well. Before I came I'd want to eat my come more than anything. After, I didn't want to touch it at all. That sense of revulsion hasn't left entirely but I can usually lick it up now. In the beginning two things were helpful: first, coming in my partners mouth and her kiss it back into mine. The second was... force. My partner would squeeze my balls or grab my hair and force my face into the mess I'd made. After not as many sessions as you might think I was able to do it on my own. Another solution: I've heard of people freezing their come, thawing it out for the next session, and eating it before they come.

Extra Appetite Tough Can Understand Myself

We've heard of that too, EATCUM. Thanks!