You Really Can Have It All, Ladies! Hollywood is turning Lean In into a movie. David Schmader thinks it'll star Reese Witherspoon. He's probably right.

Doing God's Work: Here's a long story that looks at the kind of people who spend a lot of time arguing for and against tech brands on the internet. It begins:

Anytime anybody in the universe says something negative about Microsoft, Brad Thorne* loses it. He fires up Twitter: “You’re fucking pathetic!... You have your head so far up your ass!... I can’t wait until you eat your smug words!”

Trolls Imprisoned: "Two people have been jailed for sending abusive messages on Twitter to feminist campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez."

Gmail Went Down: Goddamnit, Google.

Even a Stupid Clock Is Right Twice a Day: Rick Perry is thinking about decriminalizing pot in Texas.

Captain Veto: Chris Christie, who's trying to paint himself as a Republican who can get things done in a bipartisan manner, is the veto-iest governor in New Jersey history.

Running on Feet of Clay: Clay Aiken is running for Congress, probably.

Fake Food Makers Discover Real Food: Is Monsanto getting into the organic vegetable business?

Everybody's an Art Critic: Is George Zimmerman's latest painting a copy of an Associated Press photograph? You decide!