Something Seems Weird About This Arson Investigation: And the Neighbors nightclub spokesman isn't happy.

We're In the Top Five... States with the widest pay gaps between men and women.

WHOA WHOA WHOA: In case you missed it, just 85 people have as much wealth as the bottom 3.5 billion people in the world combined. And the rich have stashed $18.5 trillion—that's roughly $3 trillion more than US GDP—in offshore tax havens, according to Oxfam. Next time you hear politicians complain they don't have money for schools, the poor, and public services, tell them to fuck off. The money's out there, hiding in plain sight.

Meanwhile, On the Streets: This account of growing up on the streets of Vancouver is a must-read.

Justin Bieber Committed Deportable Offenses: So why don't they deport him? A petition on the White House website to do just that has racked up 17,000+ signatures in just 48 hours.

Upset Over Doritos: SPD's public affairs officer Sean Whitcomb spearheaded the department's widely-heralded outreach efforts at Hempfest. Now an officer who disagreed with that approach is filing a complaint against him, alleging participating in the event "would have violated the officer’s political ideology."

Nine Killed On Revolution's Three Year Anniversary in Egypt: Things have gone seriously awry. Tahrir Square was the site of a state-managed march. "The core demands of the 2011 revolt—freedom and social justice—could only be heard in protests outside Tahrir, which were quickly muzzled by security forces." Reporter Sharif Abdel Koudous says the country is "awash in conformist state worship."

Today In Liberal Silliness, Part I: Groups like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU in Massachusetts have backed a law, now being contested at the Supreme Court, that makes it a crime to protest abortion within 35 feet of a clinic. That would set a dangerous precedent, and it's probably unconstitutional.

Today In Liberal Silliness, Part II: Politics as usual from President Obama. He nominated a big donor to his campaign to be Ambassador to Norway, even though the guy seems to know nothing about Norway.

This makes me laugh every time: