Toay starting at 8pm—NOT 5pm as previously stated but 8pm—the 2014 Grammy Awards ceremony will be broadcast on CBS (aka KIRO 7), and Emily Nokes, Dave Segal, Kelly O, and I will be watching and commenting about the doings right here.

Of course a big part of this year's potential thrills hangs on the prospects of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who are up for a shitload of major awards, including Album of the Year, Song of the Year (for "Same Love" with Mary Lambert), and Best New Artist. Just as I will rejoice if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, I will celebrate any and all Grammy wins by Macklemmore & Ryan Lewis—but one I really care about is "Same Love" for Song of the Year. If it wins, I will rip open my shirt, spray beer all over Kelly O's apartment, then dive through a plate-glass window. (Not crying on Sunday.)

Insane bonus: Tonight's performance of "Same Love" will involve not only Madonna, but also the on-air weddings of 34 couples (straight, gay, old, young, and of various races), officiated by a 3D hologram of Liberace Queen Latifah.

Join us, won't you? (Full list of this year's nominees here.)