Yes, tomorrow is the State of the Union. It starts at 6 pm Seattle time. Since the Republicans are offering three responses—Washington's own Cathy McMorris Rodgers is offering the original-flavor response, Mike Lee is giving the official teabaggy response, and Rand Paul is giving a third response for no reason in particular other than the fact that Rand Paul thinks Rand Paul should be president—the whole thing will probably end somewhere around one in the morning or so.

We'll be covering the whole event here on Slog tomorrow night, and you should join us here. Stranger writers will be responding to the SoTU on Twitter, we'll be taking part in a Sloggy open thread, and we'll likely have some post-game thoughts once it's all over, too. Will Inspiring Obama or Pragmatic Obama show up for the speech? Will Republicans just boo him all night long? Will Rand Paul smoke a joint live on screen? Will one of the Republican responders drink too much water out of fear of committing a Marco Rubio and wet themselves live on camera? Let's find out together right here on Slog tomorrow night starting at six.