There Are No Gay People in Sochi, Mayor Says: Um.

Woman Shot in the Head and Critically Wounded: At a downtown Seattle intersection early this morning.

The General Is Backed by the Military: Al-Sisi closer to the presidency in Egypt.

R.I.P., Marlise Muñoz: Texas finally stops imprisoning a woman's body in a hospital.

Google Continues Bulking Up on A.I.: It buys DeepMind for $650 million.

Tea Party-Backed U.S. Representative Got His Coke On: The Floridian will resign.

The American Success Story: Why, say, Mormons and Iranian Americans are high achievers. The three-pronged answer, authors say: a superiority complex, insecurity, and impulse control.

A Specific American Success Story: The life of Richard Sherman.

Sharks Are Being "Culled" in Australian Waters: Culled=killed.

What's Known in the Maryland Mall Shooting: And other gun news.

Putting the More in Mauritania: Arab orgs pour $856 million in investments into the West African nation.

The Book That Just Says Jew: Six million times.

"Some parts of my body won’t listen to their commands": This is how Jade Rabbit, China's moon rover, described a rough night. WHY WON'T BERTHA TALK TO US?

Mike Huckabee Tells Women to Control Themselves: No free birth control because women are completely out of control. He's thinking about another presidential run in 2016.

Angry Birds, Atheist Edition: The crow and seagull who attacked the pope's peace doves are still at large.

Driver Loses Hand in Firework Explosion Inside Jeep: His lap was quoted as saying, "If it had to be one of us, I'm glad it was the hand."

Twenty Years Dead: Aberdeen Declares February 20—his birthday—Kurt Cobain Day. What will happen in Aberdeen on Kurt Cobain Day?

Last night at the Grammys, couples got married onstage while Mary Lambert (with those guys Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and also Madonna) sang.