It's State of the Union Time Again: Our State of the Union coverage starts right here on Slog starting at 6 pm. In addition, I'll be taking part in a KIRO radio roundtable (that's 97.3 on your FM dial) with Jason Rantz, Ben Shapiro, Suzan del Bene, and Dave Reichert from 8 to 9 pm tonight, and of course, Kshama Sawant's Socialist Response will be streaming live right here on Slog at 7:15 pm-ish, too.

What Will He Do? Politico lays out some of President Obama's options for the State of the Union tonight.

State of the Dynasty: Duck Dynasty star to attend the State of the Union. Let's hope he doesn't go all Joe Wilson.

"I am sorry you are not interested in the song. It is a good song." In response to the sad news of Pete Seeger's death, his testimony before HUAC in 1955 is making the rounds, and for good reason.

Salem All Over Again: Certain right-wing assholes think that Katy Perry performed witchcraft at the Grammys.

Is the iPod Dead? No, but that hasn't stopped the think-pieces from a-flowin'.

In Iceland, Whale Goes in Your Belly: Whale beer—yes, that's beer made out of whale—is again available for sale in Iceland, says The Grapevine:

RÚV reports that Helgi Helgason, the managing director of the West Iceland Health Supervisory Authority, was surprised to learn the whale beer was back on the shelves again. Initially, it was his office which banned the sale barely a week after production began, citing the fact that by European law, you cannot use whale bones to make any food product, whether intended for humans or animals.